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Monday, July 5, 2010

A New Thought Process

No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better (Luke 5:39).
Wade Black, Alvord Ranch

What is the Problem?

"I can't get my horse to do........A job."

Two ways to solve the problem:

1 – Traditional way2 – Alternative way
How can I make my horse do the job?How can I help my horse do the job?
*Slave Mentality*Partnership Mentality
How can I make him do the job?Why does he not want to do the job?
Focus on...Focus on...
1) Foundation of Maneuvers1) Willing Submission
2) Direction and Life 2) Good Communication
3) Driving Factors
How can I move the horse's head and neck, shoulders, and hindquarters in the direction I want, with the speed that I want in order to accomplish the job? Why does the horse not want to do the job and what can I do differently to help him want to do the job?
Focused on Job Completion Focused on True Unity (Perfection)
Run the risk of unwilling submission which leads to... How can I help him do the job?
1) Lack of communication
2) Self-preservation
3) Disobedience
Once the horse has willingly submitted his will and we are operating with good communication...
*Guaranteed Resistance* Then we are in a position to teach him to do the job. Then we work on building a....
1) Solid Foundation of Maneuvers
2) A balanced direction to life ratio
Level of Resistance is determined by.... Remember the three stages of training a horse:
1) Intensity of job
2) Energy level of horse
3) Patience of person
1) Setting a foundation
2) Using jobs to build the foundation
3) Using foundation to do a job

*Fewer Problems and No Resistance because the horse wants to do the job and understands how to do it.

Exerpt from Wade Black's book "Returning to Eden."

Stay tuned for future posts on Willing/Unwilling Submission, the 3 Causes of Resistance, the 4 Factors to Eliminate Resistance, and the Solid Foundation of Maneuvers.

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